Guidelines For Use

Important Considerations for ALL Bloggers

It is important to remember that blogs for the most part, are public and enduring. In light of that you should:

  • Consider that anything you post today may be visible in the future. Be sure that your posts would not embarrass you in the future or in a job search in the future. Be sure to emphasize the importance of this with your audience or users.
  • While you may invite and encourage the participation of the public to comment on your blog site, it may be prudent to post your policy for comments on your blog site. You may also want to moderate comments so you can exclude advertisers and offensive posts. Remember, while your blog’s appeal may partially be judged by your comments and user response, it will also be judged by the educational community at large.
  • No personal information (credit card, SSN, grades, addresses, phone numbers etc.) should be posted at your blog site.
  • In general don’t post anything that you wouldn’t say in person or to a group of your peer.
  • While a blog may be ‘private’ no student grades or personal discussions should be posted.

All blog sites on reflect either faculty or staff at the University of Alaska SE or collaborations between persons or departments at UAS, UAA and UAF. It is expected that these blogs will not be political nor personal in nature. Your blog and your blog’s comments should display respect for the opinions of others.

Remember, this is an educational, university-related blog. We are not hosting personal (family, religious, sales-related, commercial, political) blogs here. You can sign up for a free blog for your personal blogging needs.

We respect academic freedom, however we reserve the right to remove content that is illegal, obscene, defamatory, threatening, invasive of privacy or reflects poorly on the University community in general.

All blog sites should relate to the UA mission of to inspire learning and advance and disseminate knowledge through teaching, research, and public service, emphasizing the North and its diverse peoples, and the UAS mission to enhance learning with creative activities, community engagement and the cultures and environment of Southeast Alaska.

All of the following policies apply when dealing with your blog: