How do I request a site on learningspaces.alaska.edu?

How do I name my site?

I’m having trouble making my blog look the way I want. Where can I get help?

Is there training for learningspaces.alaska.edu?

I have a WordPress site already. Can I migrate it to learningspaces.alaska.edu?

Why would I want to migrate my current wordpress.com site to learningspaces.alaska.edu?

Can I install a theme that I don’t see listed in the theme choices?

Can I install a plugin that I don’t see listed on the learningspaces.alaska.edu plugin list?

Can I see how other people are using WordPress in their classes?

I want to edit my site but I can’t find it at learningspaces.alaska.edu. Where is my page?

Are there things I need to be sure to tell my students once I start using a blog in my class?

Do I have to use learningspaces.alaska.edu or can I continue using my WordPress site at wordpress.com?

How do I add students to my WordPress site?

Can I make my site private or must it be a public blog?

Who administers learningspaces.alaska.edu and where is the server?

I have a question that doesn’t appear here. Who will help me?