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Accessibility in Online Instruction – Part 2 of 6

Accessibility in Online Instruction – Part 2 of 6

A lock and chain on a door

Last week we looked at the  definitions of accessibility and universal design.  We also heard about how students face a “locked box.”  The three “keys” to open that box are:

  • Representation – Using different ways of getting info and passing it on to students
  • Expression – Using different ways to have students express what they know
  • Engagement – Allowing students to use their personal interest and connections to the assignment

Visual Challenges and Solutions

This week we are going to concentrate on visual challenges and solutions. This is the second part of this six part series, and is again presented by Susan Riello. This weeks video just a little over 13 minutes long.

Here are key areas of today’s video:

  • Visual Impairments Online Challenges (0:23)
  • Screen Reader Output (2:49)
  • Microsoft Word Solutions (5:05)
  • Making a Document Accessible Example (5:36)
  • Alt-Text (8:59)
  • Alt-Text Tips (9:39)
  • Alt-Text in Blackboard (11:13)
  • Page Breaks (11:33)
  • Accessibility Checker (12:31)

After watching this video, I think you’ll agree that designing your course for accessibility doesn’t just benefit your disabled students.  It is good design that benefits everyone in your courses!!!!

Thank you for reading the Faculty Learning Corner, and have a great weekend!